The Cypriot Folk Music Society is a cultural arts Organization, dedicated to providing a platform for the folk music of Cyprus. Our organization aims to further the study, practice, dissemination and preservation of traditional Cypriot music.

The Cypriot Folk Music Society was founded by folk musician Oz Karajan in order to promote the growth and development of our traditional music. As a Mediterranean nation, music has always been a cornerstone of the Cypriot culture. This is an important key to understanding this islands past. The Cypriot Folk Music Society is a meeting and collaborating point for people who believe that caring and protecting these values is the only way to safeguard our cultural heritage.

In line with this mission, the Cypriot Folk Music Society started its eLibrary project. It is a multimedia library comprising sheet music, sound recordings, lyrics, stories and more. Our eLibrary is an essential resource for anybody interested in the folk music of Cyprus.

Cypriot Folk Music Society places a particular importance to cooperating with other national and international organizations. As an organization we are a proud member of the People’s Music Network